9 Unique Methods to View & Download Full Size Instagram Photos

Ever wondered how you could view full-size Instagram photos from your phone or desktop? So have we, which is why, in this article, we set out to explore the various options available to you regardless if you’re at your desk or on the go.

We will look at how accessible, reliable, and fast these apps and websites are in this detailed review of the best methods for viewing an Instagram profile picture in full size, as well as the other pics on someone’s account.

So without further ado, let’s talk about the best methods to view those sweet Instagram pics!

Instagram Profile Picture Downloader Websites (and Post Photos)

Our first stop will be the array of methods available to you if you’re trying to access an Instagram profile from your PC or laptop.

Obviously, since these websites can be accessed through a browser, you will technically be able also to use them through your mobile device. But we’ll be focusing mainly on computer use since we’re talking about mobile-related profile downloader apps a little later on.

We picked a celebrity to demonstrate how each of these apps/sites works, and our celeb of the day is none other than “occasional thespian” Johnny Depp.

Method #1: Insta Full Size

This website originated in Germany and has rapidly become one of the favorite ways of accessing Instagram accounts from your PC.

InstaFullSize is remarkably easy to use and super-fast and, best of all, requires no login data of any kind. That’s right, it’s 100% anonymous.

So, how it works is:

  • you just type the username or the IG handle in the search bar
  • and either hit ‘Enter’ or select the account you want from the drop-down menu.
  • The website will immediately let you view the Instagram profile online, including their IG bio and their handle.

Now, the first thing you will see will be an enlarged, full-size version of that account’s profile picture, like this:

Instafullsize.com Show Profile Picture

As you see, you’ll display the image in either SD or HD and download it to your computer. The download, again, requires no login or captcha verification.

Through InstaFullSize, you can view the person’s posts, which you’ll be able to see in HD and even download it to your computer:

Instafullsize.com List All Post Photos & Download

The download is speedy and easy, but if you don’t want to download, you don’t have to, you can view the respective post in full in the browser:

Instafullsize.com - Display Single Post Photo and Download

You also have the option to view their story anonymously, which let’s face it, everyone’s wondered about at some point. Since Mr. Depp had no story at the time of writing, we didn’t take a picture.

The only (minor) drawback of the website is that it sometimes reverts to German (you can select the language in the upper bar), but that really shouldn’t put you off. It’s easy to use and extremely efficient.

Note: It does not work to access private accounts.

Method #2: Insta Downloader Pro

At first glance, Insta Downloader Pro looks professional, but it’s not all roses, unfortunately. You get to search a username and get to see their profile picture and download it in HD (high resolution), and also look at their stories and most recent posts.

Make sure you click the account you want in the drop-down button, or it won’t recognize it by name.

Insta Downloader Pro - Show Profile Picture

Unfortunately, this Instagram profile picture downloader does not allow you to view further than their most recent posts.

You can see any videos on the full screen, and they download easily to your computer.

However, when I tried downloading a photo, it redirected me to a new tab with a link and a Download button. You have to click download button once more, and then it takes you to another page, where you have to click the download button once more to finally download the image.

Method #3: InstaDP.com

InstagramDP.com works similarly.

  • You type in the name of the account, select it from the drop-down
  • Click on the “Full Size” text on the screen
  • And get to see their Instagram profile picture in full size, as well as their stories.
  • You can download both, though it will redirect you to a new tab, and you’ll have to “Save Picture As”. A bit basic and but overall, it does the job.

InstaDP Profile Picture Viewer

Method #4: InstaDP.net

Yet another basic, easy method to view someone’s profile picture on Instagram and download it.

  • You type in the profile name, and they show you an enlarged version of their profile picture.
  • You right-click to download and get a pretty high-quality picture, although a bit small.

InstaDP.net - Display Profile Picture Full Size

One disappointing aspect was that although it boasts of showing you and letting you download their other pictures, you only get the profile one.

Method #5: iZuum

What I immediately did not like about this one was that the connection was not secure.

You search the name of the account, but a major downside is that it does not give you profile pics to see which one you want.

And as you can imagine, there are quite a few accounts for ‘Johnny Depp’, so it was a bit tricky to use.

Anyway, it shows you the picture in ‘original size’ and allows you to download it in quality resolution.

Izuum View Instagram Profile Picture

The Apps

There are loads of apps for Android and Apple, but we won’t waste your time with each one. Instead, we checked through a few and singled out the ones we liked best. So, here’s how to view a full-size Instagram profile photo on Android:

Method #6: Qeek – Profile Picture Downloader for Instagram

What I immediately liked about Qeek is that it assures you that your searches are private and anonymous, which is something many of us care about.

The app itself downloaded super-fast and was very easy to use. All you have to do is type in the account name, and it redirects you to this:

Use an App to Display Profile Image in Full Size

If you select the ‘Tap to Zoom’ option, it gives you two options. Either you purchase Qeek Pro or watch an ad to be able to download a high-definition version of their profile picture, which I did.

The ad lasted about 15 seconds, and then, I was able to proceed to my download, which came out like this:

Quite good, I would say. It’s straightforward to use and reliable and doesn’t seem to weigh down my phone too much.

Also, if you decide to upgrade to Qeek Pro, you’ll unlock permanent access to HD images and bookmark as many accounts as you can (you can only bookmark a limited number for free) and get rid of ads.

They also have a version for Apple Store, which works basically the same.

Downloading Other Post Photos from Instagram

Now, since we’ve talked a bit about viewing and downloading full-resolution Instagram profile pics, let’s move on to doing the same for Instagram posts. We’re aware that many of the above links only work for Instagram profile pics, which is great, but maybe you’re craving a little more.

So if you want to download an HD version of an Instagram post, here are some alternatives. All you’ll need will be a browser and the URL of the specific post.

Method #7: Tweaking the URL – For Post Photos

This is another quick and crafty method for viewing a full size picture on Instagram from your browser.

  • You go to the Instagram website and log into your account.
  • Make sure you click on the profile you desire to see (and not just try this from your feed).
  • Once you’ve identified the picture you wish to see in full size, click on the post and add the below code at the end of the URL:


Remove the quotation marks, of course.

Tweak the URL to Display Post Image

Unfortunately, this method does not seem to work for viewing/downloading the profile picture itself (unless they also added it as a post).

Method #8: DownloadGram

This neat little website (Chrome-only) allows you to access any Instagram post and download it in full resolution (not the downgraded version Instagram usually offers). It’s super fast and easy to use, though you will need to have Instagram open in a separate tab.

Click on the IG post you want to download and copy the URL.

Go on DownloadGram and paste the URL in the bar you see and then click ‘Download’.

It’ll only take a couple of seconds until it shows another ‘Download Image’ button, which will open up a new tab with the full-resolution, downloadable pic inside.

Warning: After spending some more time testing this website, we should mention that this service is not reliable. It doesn’t work in each case and also redirects you to other ad sites. Overall, not recommended!

DownloadGram is pretty cool because it allows you to download pictures, videos, as well as IGTV uploads, provided you have the URL, of course.

Warning – After spending some more time testing this website, we should mention that this service is not reliable. It doesn’t work in each case and also redirects you to other ad sites. Overall, not recommended!

Method #9: Using a Bookmarklet

A what now?

Using a bookmarklet is an easy method for getting to your favorite Instagram posts.

The way it works is pretty simple.

You go to their website, and there, you’ll find a drag-able button that says “Instantgram”, followed by the current version.

You have to drag this button up to your bookmark tab, and that’s it.

You can have your Instagram account opened in another tab for this as well.

So after you’ve dragged up the button, go on Instagram and select the post you want to download, so that it opens up on your screen.

Use A Bookmarklet To View Instagram Photos In Full-Size
Bookmarklet - Instagram Post Photo Opens in a New Tab

Note: If your bookmark bar is not visible, go to chrome settings, click on the “Show Bookmarks Bar” under the “Apperance” section.

Google Chrome - Change "Show Bookmarks Bar" setting

Once the post has loaded, go up and click the bookmarklet, and that’s it. You’ve just downloaded an Instagram post, with no need for any extra add-ons or extensions. Pretty neat, huh?

The Conclusions

Having tried all of the above methods for myself, I have to say they are all pretty impressive, and, depending on what you need, they’re more than likely to get the job done.

Some of these will work for Instagram profile pictures alone, while others will only get you access to Instagram posts.

Only a few will get you access to both, but they are all reliable and high-quality methods of viewing and downloading full size Instagram photos.

What I like about them all is the high quality of each download, which makes them all worth recommending.

We hope you were able to find a website or app to fit your own particular needs through this article!

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How To View Full Size Instagram Photos