Tubidy Free Music Downloads – Review

In everyday growing offer of music and videos it might take hours to find exactly what you need but Tubidy free music downloads will save your time. This free music downloader app makes it way easier to search for and save desired tracks. And here is why you should add it to your “I have it” list.

The Massive Back-up

The Tubidy music download is basically tied up with some of the biggest music and video platforms – YouTube and SoundCloud.

Users can find absolutely everything out of their enormous music database. With the help of Tubidy mp3 download, you can load videos and mp3s you need directly to your phone.

Unlike other free download websites, Tubidy does not cut the length of the downloaded file so that you will get the full version like in primordial file.

Tubidy Basics

The Tubidy search engine is very easy to use. After opening the app, you should tape in desired video/song name or name of the artist and press the search icon.

You will have the whole list of matching results in a few seconds. After choosing one, you can click on it, and here it is, the list of options available to download: mp3, mp4, mp4 audio, by parts, etc.

It is all about your call! We find it convenient that there is a file size mentioned near each download choice, and you can also add video to your playlist.

In order to download something from Tubidy, you don’t have to sign in. But if you would like to create your own music-video library in there then you had to create your account by signing up. The signing up process takes only a few minutes as there are not that many forms to fill in.

Tubidy Top Seraches and Videos

Tubidy Free Music Downloads – The user interface

The Tubidy mobile search engine is user – friendly. Even a person who has never used any fancy music – video download applications will be able to manage easily through the data search.

The free Tubidy music downloads menu is not oversaturated with options (what some Users are happy about).

The Tubidy mp3 free music downloads give an opportunity to look at “Top Searches” and “Top videos” in case you are not sure about artist or song you would like to search for. The search results might be switched local or global.

Though the interface of Tubidy video search engine has its simplicity feature, some people find it annoying and unattractive.

No Costs – No Limits

Like many other music download applications, the Tubidy search engine is absolutely free.

The only thing you should keep in mind- this app is free of charge for use, but you might face data-costs when using it without Wi-Fi. The Tubidy music download has no limits about the quantity of downloaded tracks and videos.

Read the Rules

We found it great that Tubidy developers were concerned about the legal side of their application. In “Terms of use” (which we recommend you to read) you can find a clear explanation of how Tubidy search engine works, age – limit for Users, rules about use and load of files, copyright restrictions, etc. It also provides Users with an ability to send complaints and suggestions.

Everything mentioned makes us think that this music – video search engine is nothing about a scam.

Some Disadvantages For Tubidy MP3 Downloads

Nothing is perfect, nor is the Tubidy mp3 download. As we already mentioned, some Users are not fond of Tubidy’s interface.

If looking through reviews, you will also find complaints about poor quality of downloaded audio. This is not because of the Tubidy application but the “source-file”, as Tubidy is more like “mediator” between User and the hosting site.

Tubidy Free Music Downloads – Too Many Ads

Another annoying characteristic of free Tubidy music downloads is its over-saturation with popping up ads. Of course, you can go without paying attention to it, but it is still distracting.

The inability to download mp3 files directly to your device and set them as ringtones is one of upsetting feature we found.

The Tubidy mobile search engine has an “issue” with Blackberry phones. To watch videos without gaps and problems, you should check if you are using the right browser (media-net browser but not the ensuite one) and browser mode (should be set to “Blackberry”).

Tubidy App – Download Tricks

If after all mentioned above you feel like using this music – video downloader – here is some information for you.

When trying to find Tubidy free music download site via Google search, you will be very surprised as there are so many options available with “tubidy” name in it but these are not official sites.

The Tubidy app download is available for Android OS and IOS devices. The original version (designed by Crea4Life) for Apple gadgets can be downloaded from iTunes.

If talking about Android-phones, you will not find original Tubidy mp3 download on Google Play Store (reasons for its absence are unknown). But you can still download it from the other apk download websites like here. The “Tubidy Top Music” is the only app, similar to original Tubidy music downloader, available on Google Play Store. Its reviews are not that good, so, probably, you would prefer to get the “real” version somewhere else.

There are so many google play music download applications on the internet. You can choose whatever mp3 download site is more convenient for you, like mp3skull, mp3 juices, 4shared, etc. But remember, some of them has been blocked (because of break of copyright laws) and have many clones.

You will likely enjoy Tubidy free music downloads with its simplicity, easy search and a huge variety of songs.


Here are some common questions about Tubidy free music download website and app.

What is Tubidy?

Tubidy is a video database created from user-generated content. The Tubidy list all related videos for your search term and it streams videos (which users uploaded) to your phone.

What is Tubidy Mobile?

It is a free mp3 search engine and download app for Android. You can easily search for mp3 music and listen to them on your phone.

Is Tubidy Free?

Yes, Tubidy is a free service. Keep in mind you would be paying for your data usage of your phone.