45 Unique TBH Ideas for Everyone in Your Feed

We’ve talked before about what it means to send someone a TBH through Instagram or another such platform, and today we thought it’d be fun to flesh out some unique TBH ideas that you can use to up your social media game.

Just to remind everyone, a TBH stands for “to be honest” and implies that you’re giving your sincere opinion about someone.

However, it’s an unspoken rule of the internet that you make this opinion nice, you know, something like a compliment.

A TBH shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to vent or say something nasty about another person.

How Do I Write a TBH?

The first thing you want to remember when writing a TBH is to keep it short. People love reading this stuff, but no one’s expecting a Tolstoy novel, so your best bet would be to just focus on what you want to say.

TBHs are often about conveying a certain emotion, so before you begin, try to identify what that emotion might be.

What’s the general gist you wish the other person would understand? Once you’ve figured that out, then you’re ready to write your TBH.

Next, you need to start your sentence with this abbreviation, otherwise, the reader might not know what to make of it.

“TBH” often offers a sort of shield to your words.

Say, for example, that you’re trying to convey your affection to someone.

If you outright say “I love you”, it will make you feel more vulnerable and might take the other person by surprise.

If you preface it with “TBH”, then the other person will know what to expect, and it will also feel like less of a punch.

Third of all, don’t over-explain things. Again, let’s imagine you wanted to convey affection to someone.

A quick “TBH I think I’m in move with you” will do. No need to launch into a full-blown Shakespearean monologue, like “When I first saw you, with the moon shining in your eyes and your hair blowing gently in the wind…

There will be time for that later, but the point of a TBH is to give someone a short, clear message.

Lastly, keep it nice. Again, most people expect a compliment or something that will make them happy when they see the phrase TBH.

If you don’t like the person, then an online TBH is really not the place to tell them. And if you don’t like them so much, then why waste your time writing them in the first place?

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of our favorite TBH ideas for all situations:

TBH Ideas for a Girl

In this section, we’ll be looking at possible TBH examples for a female friend or acquaintance, but not a crush or your girlfriend. These TBH ideas are purely platonic. Because we all have that one friend, we want to be nice to, but not in that way, right?

TBH - Nothing Can Make Me Laugh

  • TBH you’re the nicest person I’ve met.
  • TBH I love the way you dress. You have a unique sense of style.
  • TBH nothing can make me laugh the way your jokes can.
  • TBH if I had a sister, I’d like her to be like you.
  • TBH you’re definitely one of the most original ppl in my feed.

TBH Ideas for a Guy Friend

Like before, these are TBH messages, you can send a boy, but without any romantic references or suggestions. You know, this is for the bros.

TBH Your honesty often hurts, but that’s what makes you so special.

  • TBH I miss hanging out with you, bro.
  • TBH we get into some crazy stuff together, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • TBH I think you’re a good dude.
  • TBH your honesty often hurts, but that’s what makes you so special.
  • TBH you make me laugh a lot.

TBH Ideas for Best Friend

These ideas are similar to the ones above, but they are for those few people who occupy a truly special place in our hearts. You know the ones.

TBH I know I can always count on you if I’m in a pickle. Or to eat pickles

  • TBH I’d be jealous of your style if you weren’t such a great friend.
  • TBH you’re a shoulder to cry on, and I’m grateful for that every day.
  • TBH I’m pretty sure you’re a bad influence, but I think life would be dull without you.
  • TBH I know I can always count on you if I’m in a pickle. Or to eat pickles.
  • TBH you’re a sister/brother, not just a simple friend. And I know we’ll always be friends, even if we sometimes fight.

TBH Ideas for Someone You Don’t Know Very Well

Because we all have some people in our feed, we don’t know all that well, maybe we’ve only ever exchanged a couple of sentences online, but we want to say something nice to them because they seem alright people.

TBH - I love your witty captions

  • TBH you seem like a cool person.
  • TBH your posts always make me smile.
  • TBH I love the aesthetics in your photos!
  • TBH I’d love to know you IRL cause you seem like a good guy/girl.
  • TBH I love your witty captions.

TBH Ideas for Your Crush

Ah, the dreaded crush. Spending hours obsessing over what message to send them so that they know you like them. But of course, you don’t want to send them something too obvious in case it comes out all weird. We get it.

TBH I like you. Just thought you should know.

  • TBH I’d love it to hang out more. You seem like a great person!
  • TBH we don’t talk as much as I’d like us to, but I think you’re an awesome individual!
  • TBH you’re really nice. We should totally hang sometime.
  • TBH seeing you smile always makes me smile too.
  • TBH I like you. Just thought you should know.

Yeah, we know that last one is kinda out there, but sometimes honesty is your best bet!

TBH Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Even though you’re together now, small gestures that show her you love her can really keep the relationship interesting and sweet. Here are some ideas for TBHs. You can send your girlfriend to brighten up her day.

TBH - The time I spend with you makes up the best moments of my life.

  • TBH you’re the salami to my pizza (Replace salami with whatever her favorite topping is).
  • TBH I’ve never thought of someone as much as I think of you.
  • TBH the time I spend with you makes up the best moments of my life.
  • TBH I never thought I could care about someone so deeply as I care about you.
  • TBH When I see you, I find it difficult to pay attention to anything else. And I love it.

TBH Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Because guys need a little pick-me-up too and a sweet message from their significant other can be just the thing.

TBH - I miss you every second we’re not together

  • TBH you’re the only person I want to kiss.
  • TBH you make me feel protected. You make me feel warm. You are my home.
  • TBH I miss you every second we’re not together.
  • TBH you always make me laugh in a way no one else can.
  • TBH you’re the best thing that ever happened to me, and I wouldn’t trade our life together for anything in the world.

Funny TBH Ideas

And now let’s just blow off some steam and have a little laugh after all those lovey-dovey messages.

TBH - If I had to choose one person to live with, I’d Pika-chu!

  • TBH you’re okay I suppose. (Great for your bestie)
  • TBH sometimes I like to imagine I have super powers. No idea why I’m telling you this.
  • TBH I’m looking for something. I mean, usually, it’s pizza, but it still feels like a profound, spiritual search.
  • TBH if I had to choose one person to live with, I’d Pika-chu!
  • TBH Do I know you? How’d you get in my feed? (only send to friends, more distant acquaintances might get offended)

TBH Paragraph Ideas

I know it kinda sounds like we’re breaking our own rules here since we said TBH messages should be as short as possible, but sometimes (rarely, though) sending long TBH posts can be just the thing. These are great for people you are close to, like good friends or a significant other.

TBH Paragraph - There’s nothing and no one that makes me feel like you do

  • TBH there’s nothing and no one that makes me feel like you do. You make me smile and laugh, and you make me feel like anything is possible. And I don’t even wanna say I love you. I wanna say thank you.
  • TBH when I met you, I didn’t like you all that much, but then I sorta did. IDK how you did it or maybe if you were responsible at all, but I suddenly knew I couldn’t live without you.
  • TBH I’m not a people person. I don’t make friends easily, and I don’t give out loyalty like it’s ice cream. So if I’m loyal to you (which I am), it means I value you more than most people.
  • TBH you’re my best friend. I don’t know what that means for others, but for me, it means I would do anything for you, to keep you safe and to make you happy and protect you. You’re as close as it’s possible for another human being to be.
  • TBH I’ve spent a lot of time with other people, but most of it meant nothing. The weird thing is, I didn’t even know it before I met you that I was missing something in my life. But now that I know you, I can’t remember how I ever made without.

Final Words

A TBH message, either in private or posted publicly, can be a great way to express your affection and devotion toward someone without sounding too sappy or official. In the end, there’s only one advice we can give you for writing the perfect TBH for someone, and that is:

Write it from the heart. Let your friend, crush, significant other, or whatever role that person plays in your life, know how much you value them. Because that will really make their day special.

TBH you’re an awesome reader – thank you for reading! We hope that next time you make a ‘Heart for a TBH’ post, you’ll know just what to say!

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45 Unique TBH Messages