RockMyRun App Review – Work out harder with RockMyRun!

The RockMyRun app review will definitely give you a kick for a better workout. Let’s check it out!

It’s All About Music

The rock my run app is a music streaming application that provides the best beats for its Users during the workout.

Lot of people see it as a motivation needed to keep on moving. The rock my run is a “bucket” of different styles and length mixes originated to improve your training-capacity.

RockMyRun App – Set it up Right

What you want to start with is the application download. You can find the RockMyRun for Android on the Google Play Store (developed by Rock My World Inc), it is also available on the Apple store for IOS- gadget owners.

After signing up with your valid e-mail and providing required information, you will be able to test out advantages of Rockstar Premium membership for free.

Though the rock my run is not a free software for smartphones, every new User is awarded free trial period.

During this test, you will have a chance to check out advantages of being a Rockstar Premium member.

Once the trial period ends up every User is demoted to a standard membership unless he pays a fee to keep on using a Rockstar version of the program.

Be a Member

The rock my run app is operating in two versions: Standard and Rockstar Premium.

With the Standard option, you can listen to mixes, but the app will send you ads and other “gaps”, of course, it’s not the worst option, but it restrains you from trying all the “spice”.

The Rockstar Premium membership is metered (monthly, quarterly and yearly payments are available) and it features undisturbed continual listening and access to “Body driven music” – the real lure of the rock my run app.

What is All the Buzz About

The “Body Driven Music” option is a real trait of the rock my run app comparing to the other rock music apps. This signature feature literally reads and syncs to your body!

Body Driven Music individualizes music according to your body workout. You can set up personalization of tracks by heart rate, steps or beats per minute.

So the faster you move the faster the music tempo becomes, the more motivated you are.

The application is very easy to operate: you can see accessible mixes, suggested, playing and other variations, they all are grouped into stations by type. Tracks can be streamed or added to the User’s collection.

Besides everything mentioned above, Users can stream some new running mixes due to rock my run promo code!

This promo codes are announced at rock my run official Facebook page, and they grant access to at least an hour long new mixes (work for
Standard membership too).

Unfortunately the rock my run app doesn’t work off-line, but its data-usage is optimized.

As we already revealed, this music streaming application is not free, but you can read about free music download apps in our “Top 25 Free Android Music Apps” article.

We hope that RockMyRun app review helped you to make a decision about music motivation during a workout.

You can find RockMyRun App on google Play Store here, and RockMyRun for iphones can be found on itunes here.