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If you love listening to free music streaming and downloading music online, you must have heard about the mp3skull free music downloader, right?

But have you heard the FULL story about mp3skull and more importantly, how other free mobile music download sites have grown in popularity and how there are now, even more, mp3skulls music downloaders – especially on mobiles?

Read on and we will tell you all the good news and insider secrets about how to stream free music, still download free music online and the current crop of mp3skull download sites.

Why was mp3skull the Top Free Music Downloader?

Mp3skull was a notorious free music download site where virtually any published song or piece of music could be freely downloaded.

Mp3skull downloads were accessed by millions of free music streaming lovers by providing links to all the latest music and complete back catalogues of artists such as:

  • Rihanna
  • Jay-Z
  • Taylor Swift
  • Adele
  • Michael Jackson
  • Eminem

In addition to cutting out artists from official revenue and royalties from music sales, what really antagonized the music industry was how brazenly mp3skull flaunted the accessibility of free music to download online.

For example, no sooner would an artist such as Beyonce release an official album such as “I am… Sasha Fierce” then hundreds of locations would appear on the mp3skull website for free mp3 downloads allowing free music streaming fans to download songs such as:-

  • Halo
  • If I Were a Boy
  • Disappear

The more the record companies and artists tried to close down mp3skull free music downloader, and it’s partner sites, the more alternative locations would appear – like cutting the head off a hydra, another two would replace it.

Mp3skull become the most popular free music downloader because music fans saw their refusal to bow down to the record companies and artists and supported them almost as a modern-day reenactment of the David against Goliath.

How did Fans Use Skull for Free MP3 and Music Downloads?

Mp3skull provided searchable links to songs, albums, and playlists where free music streaming fans could download the electronic mp3 files anonymously, without any registration or cost.

Mp3skull free music downloader brought income and revenue in by link-sharing, advertising, pop-up and click-throughs, affiliate marketing and other methods which meant all site costs were easily covered at no cost to their audience.

Even when websites were closed down, servers blocked and traffic reduced by Internet Service Providers, mp3skull simply found other resources and through cheeky social media strategies always kept the free music streaming fans informed of new links, servers, and sites to download free mp3 and music online from.

MP3Skull Owes RIAA $22 Million

How did MP3Skull Get Shutdown?

While mp3skulls music downloader went from strength to strength, the determination of the music labels to close the free music streaming service down forever only grew.

Consequently, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) decided to take the battle to mp3skull by enlisting major music labels such as Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment to join it’s ranks to fight mp3skull officially.

Eventually, tired of – which by now had spawned numerous mirror sites such as,, etc. – the RIAA filed an official lawsuit against, it’s Defendants such as Monica Vasilenko and it’s Mp3skull Domains for copyright infringement.

The pirate site chose not to appear in the United States District Court of Southern Florida to defend themselves to the Plaintiffs or the Court, so the RIAA decided to file for Default Judgement.

Mp3skull ignored this Order to Show, choosing not to contest the motion or argue why a Default Judgement should not be ordered against them.

Consequently, the District Court judge officially awarded the Plaintiffs $22,000,000 – based on the 148 tracks submitted as evidence of copyright infringement and piracy, each of which would have a maximum penalty of $150,000.

Finally, the court awarded the Plaintiffs a permanent injunction, which allowed them to take control of the main domain ( and the Mp3skull Domains as listed in the claim:


The Real Challenge the RIAA Faced in the Fight Against MP3skull

While the RIAA were totally focussed on closing down mp3skull and it’s domains, the real challenge it faced was one of process.

It proved relatively easy for other new alternative free music streaming mp3skull sites such as to appear and continue after the shutdown of the main mp3skull Do-mains. Although it has since closed down, was identical in appearance, user experience and functionality to the original as it was created and run by the same team.

However, whilst the RIAA was unable to take these new sites to court, sometimes these sites were closed down by other methods such as ISPs blocking them and their traffic.

However, the demand that mp3skull had supplied for free mobile music streaming and downloads showed no sign of abating, and consequently similar sites in other countries – such as in the United Kingdom appeared, only to be closed down since.

The Problem with Recent MP3skull Free Music Downloader Websites

So, while the fight between music labels and online piracy and free mobile music streaming and downloader sites like mp3skull free music downloader continues, it remains to be seen what the real outcome of any court cases may be.

The RIAA may have won the battle, but it seems to be losing the war.

However, the current crop of mobile alternatives to mp3skull websites for free mp3 download are not as accessible or simple to use, given they often are:-

  • overloaded with invasive advertising
  • flooded by pop-ups often restrict access to songs and files without actions such as click-throughs, signups, watching videos or advertisements, all of which are distracting
  • full of incorrectly listed songs, titles, artists
  • spoofed, such as in the old days of torrenting with malware, spam, and fake files
  • unsearchable, especially not listing file size, bitrate or technical details about the mp3 downloads and files
    mp3skull clones

However, don’t worry – there ARE some good mp3skull free music downloader clones for free mobile music downloads:


Free Music Download Sites

In addition to mp3skulls music downloader resources, there are also free mobile music streaming sites such as:


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