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The Background on MP3 Juice

The mp3 juice download used to be one of the best free mp3 downloads sites to download music. This platform with absolutely free music access attracted several thousands of visitors per day.

You might be interested in advantages that brought this site to the first pages in a Google search. Well, we would highlight easy and modern search engine, an enormous amount of mp3 available, accessibility to preview and download audio files, no need to sign up and good quality mp3.

All these features made the mp3 juice website high – competitive comparing to other popular mp3 download sites: mp3skull (this one is shut down at the moment, for more details read here), tubidy, mp3 bear and mp3 raid.

No wonder that all the popularity, reviews and buzz around mp3 juice free music site over the months made it so “interesting” for intellectual property authorities.

Do not Mess with An Anti-piracy Policy

As the battle against music piracy became viral – lots of free audio sharing websites (some sources say up to 109 of them) got under the supervision of the authority units. The mp3 juice free music website was one of them.

Everything started with the UK: Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit and copyright owners collaboration. Free music sites’ officials received caution messages from authorities.

Operators of “pirate” sites had the option to stop sharing pirated content and shut down or became legal.

Most of the sites owners ignored the letter from police. As a result, the anti – piracy authorities applied to domain registrars to string some of the domain names. This is how the mp3 juices lost its “.com” domain name.

Useless Fight

MP3 Juices ShutdownAs you understand, the shutdown banner at one of the most popular free mp3 download sites made its visitors very upset.

It took several weeks for site owners to create alternative site versions from other domains.

Some of them were not very effective and are not active now ( and

The is unblocked, but you can not compare the amount of visitors there with the original version used to have.

The only question we have: did police actions decrease the amount of copyright content? Doubtful. The global-search became even more fulfilled with it.

Mp3juices Alternatives and Clones on the Web

MP3 Juices – Another Mp3 Juices Download Site

After a shutdown, mp3juices has several “clones”. The “” became the most successful one.

Here you will be able to search via song name and artist, and via various sources at once.

  • The search engine is amazing: you can choose the sources you would like to go through (YouTube, Soundcloud, Yandex, vk, 4shared, Goear, etc.). But keep in mind that from some sources you have to download outside the mp3juices site.
  • The song’s preview is available everywhere. The “” gives the ability to save mp3s on the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). We think it is a great option to keep your device away from trashing.
  • Mp3 Converter and Cutter – The mp3 juice converter and the cutter are another allure of the “” website.

You can cut an audio file and cut the annoying parts out with the help of mp3 cutter. Every user will be able to download the end-result through the link provided. Very useful function to create your favorite ringtone.

  • Another amazing option – mp3 juice converter. It converts any YouTube video to mp3 file (even if the video is restricted and banned in your country) without any impact on the quality. The YouTube to mp3 converter will process video file 2 hours long in a few minutes. The only thing you need to do- copy the URL and press “Download” after conversion. is another clone of mp3 juice free music downloader. It is pretty simple, plain and not as interesting as the one mentioned above. You still can find songs in there but without fancy functions attached, even streaming is not an option (big minus as for us).

MP3 Juice Download – Is it Risky?

MP3 Juices and RisksThe free mp3 juice download and its clones provide easy access to public mp3 search platforms throughout the links; this is how you actually download the music.

The majority of Users say they have never had problems with viruses, spam, and state these sites to be safe. Some others claim that the “outside” sources are not always reliable, and it is better to check downloaded files for viruses and malware.

We advise you to spend extra 5 minutes and scan your devices with the help of virus scan (it is also available online) and do not click on any suspicious ads popping up.

The other question you might have about websites like that: is it legal to download music? Well, as far as this platform provides access to public file hosting – yes, it is legal. But people can also use it for illegal conduct.

Mp3 Juices Download and your Phone

If you use the Android OS device and are interested in installing the mp3 juice app, we would like to inform you that it is impossible to find this application at the Play Store.

The mp3 juices absence at Google Play Store is connected with anti-piracy policies. Although, you can root it out on Amazon and (developed by Depok Studio) or get the apk from

We want you to know that reviews for this app are not satisfactory: users have problems with music search and download, so be aware.
The IOS owners can obtain mp3 juice mobile version here designed by Luciana Genovesi.

If you feel like mp3 juice download is not the perfect option for you because of the shady reputation after legal fights with UK Police department – check out the complete list of free mp3 download sites here.

For some visitors, the mp3 juice download will always be the best search platform available.