Let The Ultra Power Saving Mode On Galaxy S5 Save You!

With Ultra power saving mode on Samsung S5 you will never be in a situation when your phone is about to turn off in the most inappropriate moment.

Of course, Galaxy S5 has several ways for you to save its 2800mAh battery but we think that Ultra power saving mode (UPSM) is one of the best available solutions. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Ultra Power Saving Mode Outline

One of the things you should keep in mind about UPSM – it doesn’t initiate itself automatically when your battery hits a certain limit. Whenever some people consider it to be a disadvantage, others will be happy to turn on this extreme mode manually because it will throw your phone ten years back in time.

There are two ways to enable Ultra power saving mode launcher on Samsung S5: swiping down on the top of the screen and choosing it from fast settings window or finding it in Settings -> Power Saving and switching “Ultra power saving mode” to “On.”

After you complete this step, your phone will notify you about approximate run-time (users reviews say that this mode might help your phone run extra 6-8 hours with only 10% battery left). Once you turn mode on- the interface will be changed to a gray scale.

Can I Personalize UPSM?

When operating on UPSM, your phone will have a limited amount of programs available to use. This short list consists of fundamental Messaging, Phone, Internet Browser, Email, Calculator, and Google+.

First, three mentioned above are invariable, last three you can switch to something more preferable by Tapping on “Menu” icon, so, actually, your phone can still be customized.

Add More Apps to UPSM

If you want to have more control and be able to add more apps to your UPSM settings, then you should check UPSM Manager.

To essentially save battery on Samsung Galaxy S5 the UPSM will cease all background -running apps and intuitively disable “data flow” when your screen is blocked. Getting your phone back to normal is pretty easy – swipe the notification window and tap the off switch.

UPSM: Be or Not to Be?

Now you might think about the difference between Ultra power saving mode and Samsung S5 Power saving mode. Let us explain it: while UPSM is a harsh way to keep battery usage low for Samsung Galaxy S5, turning phone almost into a stone, the Power saving mode is an “easy version” of it. As an example, the Power saving mode diminishes screen brightness and deactivates background synchronization but leaves phone-functionality unaffected.

Ultra Power Saving Mode APK

The Power saving mode is available on previous Samsung phone models, but it’s also possible to install UPSM on Samsung S4, S3, S2, Note 4, Note 3 and other TouchWiz Phones with the help of Ultra power saving mode apk.

Of course, it is your own choice whether to use Ultra power saving mode on your phone or not, but it’s definitely a benefit to having a backup plan in a harsh moment.