Drip, Drop, Dunk or Sunk – Which of These Water Hazards Can Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Protect Against?

Is Samsung Galaxy S5 Waterproof ?

One of the most talked about features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is its claim to be fully waterproof. Now, as someone who has lost a couple of phones to water damage, I was very interested to see just how waterproof the Samsung Galaxy S5 is. After all, a waterproof phone would appear to offer the ideal solution to an accident prone owner.

There are numerous bloggers online who have run the Samsung Galaxy S5 waterproof test to prove that the phone can survive being submerged in water for up to half an hour. However, although this would seem to offer a real test for the new waterproof Samsung phone, I was not convinced that the phone could offer the same protection under more strenuous conditions.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Waterproof or Water Resistant?

The question I wanted to be answered was, are all Samsung Galaxy S5’s waterproof? The more I investigated the issue, the more I realized that the answer was no. The Samsung Galaxy S5 does offer a highly efficient water resistant phone, but it is not yet waterproof. If you submerge the phone in deeper levels of water, or for longer periods of time, then it will start to malfunction.

How to Waterproof your Samsung Galaxy S5

It is, however, possible to turn your water resistant phone into an entirely waterproof one. All you need to do is seal it in a quality waterproof case for the Samsung Galaxy S5. There are currently some superb cases available on the market, and I’ve identified two of the best for you here.

Budget Buy

The best budget buy is the Vcloo® Samsung Galaxy S5 Waterproof Case which provides an entirely waterproof case up to a depth of 6.6 feet. The Vcloo® is available in four vibrant colors (black, pink, blue and yellow), and allows you to use the phone’s camera, video and music capabilities safely underwater. This one is the perfect choice if you’re looking to protect your phone while you’re away on holiday by the pool and also provides the added bonus of transforming your phone into an underwater camera. It is also the ideal choice if you’re a bit accident prone as it will protect your phone against any unexpected drips or spills.


Ultimate Protection for your Samsung Galaxy S5

 FRĒ FOR GALAXY S5 CASEFor those of you with a bit more cash to spend, the Frē case for Samsung Galaxy S5 offers superior protection for you phone. Once inside the Frē case, your phone can be submerged up to two meters in the water for up to one hour at a time. The case will also protect your phone from drops of up to two meters and will protect it against the hazards of dust, snow, and ice. The attractive cover comes in four distinct colors (black, white, teal and magenta) and allows you to protect your phone from the worst hazards you can throw at it. If your active lifestyle often means that your phone needs to stand up against such harsh weather extremities, then you need a world class case to ensure your Samsung Galaxy S5 not only survives but thrives in that environment.