How to Know if Someone Muted You on Instagram: What You Need to Know

We know there is nothing you hate more than being ignored on social media, which is why in this article, we’ll be instructing you on how to tell if someone has muted you on Instagram.

What’s that? Didn’t know muting is a thing? Well, it is, unfortunately. It isn’t very good to find that someone you considered close or worth talking to has done this to you.

What Is Muting on Instagram?

The ‘mute’ option allows Instagram users to keep following your profile without seeing your posts, stories, etc.

If your account is private, they will still be able to see it (if you allowed them to follow you), but your posts will no longer pop up in their feed.

Officially, there is no way for you to find out if a user has muted you. You won’t see your follower count drop as they are still following you.

Will People Be Able to See If They’ve Been Muted On Instagram?

No, they won’t. That’s the point of the ‘Mute’ option, to allow you to take a breather from this person without them knowing. You can mute or unmute someone at any time.

How To Mute Instagram Posts And Stories

I Muted My Friend’s Story On Ig, Can He Still See Mine?

Yes. Unless they muted your story in turn, which would be oddly poetic, but is probably not the case. Since people can’t tell they’ve been muted, chances that they’ll mute you back are quite slim.

When you mute someone’s story on Instagram, that means you won’t see their stories, but that they will still be able to see yours.

If you’re wanting to stop them from seeing your story entirely, there are options. You can choose the ‘Restrict’ option or the ‘Hide Your Story’ one (both in the same menu on their profile where you found the ‘Mute’ option).

How To Unmute Instagram Posts And Stories

Can The Person You Muted Still Receive Your Messages?

Of course, they will. And you will still receive theirs. Only you know about it because you won’t get the notification.

Muting is not the same as unfollowing or blocking someone (the only way actually to stop receiving messages from one another). So the person that’s been muted will continue getting messages from the one who muted them.

If they didn’t mute the other person back, they would continue to get message notifications from them as if nothing’s up.

That’s the issue with the Instagram mute option – it makes the muted person think that everything is as it should be.

Is It Possible To Know If Someone Mutes Your Notifications On Instagram?

It can be tricky to tell since all seems to be as it should. But usually, a good way to know that someone muted your notifications on Instagram is:

  • You’re no longer able to see when they were the last active;
  • You can’t see a ‘read’ icon underneath your messages anymore;
  • You can’t see if they are active or not.

There are three obvious tell-tale signs of being muted on Instagram. However, they are not definitive. One of the above situations might be happening and yet might be due to a system malfunction or another issue altogether.

Another sign that you might be muted on IG is that the person in question is no longer responding to your messages or seems to take an awful lot of time returning and don’t take your video calls anymore.

Tip: If someone takes a long time to respond, don’t jump to conclusions, though. Some people turn their notifications off to concentrate on something, like studying.

How To Mute Someone's Instagram Notifications

Will I Still Get Messages If I Mute Notifications?

Certainly. In fact, many people choose to mute their notifications, either only for one person or as a whole, when they need to focus, study, or have an important job and prefer not to be distracted.

Muting notifications will not prevent you from seeing their messages or vice-versa. It will merely mean that you don’t know when they’ve written to you. You will only see messages for muted conversations if you go to your DM’s and check the respective conversation.

Lastly, Why Did Someone Mute Me on Instagram?

It can seem cruel to discover that someone has muted you on Instagram, but the truth is that they’re not doing this out of cruelty more often than not.

People mute others on Instagram for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, we tend to mute people whom we envy or whose posts get on our nerves. We all have one in our feed who has a great body or always goes on these mind-blowing adventures. And seeing their posts is just adding pressure, so we mute them. But we don’t unfollow them, because they’re friendly people essentially and we don’t have some sort of vendetta.

Sometimes, people mute others on IG if they really like them. Ironic, I know. Sometimes, people know that if they see your name pop up in the stories grid, they’ll click on you, and if they’ve got a crush on you, they don’t want to seem desperate or obsessed.

Other times, we just mute people because they’re exhausting online. Sometimes, people post too much or are too obnoxious in their posts. It doesn’t mean you don’t like them in real life, just that you want to take a break from them virtually.

Bottom Line

You can’t know for sure if someone muted you on Instagram unless you ask (and who’s gonna say ‘yes’ to that?). However, there are some signs you can watch out for that might indicate you’ve been muted.

If you find out you have, our advice would be not to take it personally. It’s their right to mute you if they want, and they might not be doing it out of meanness.

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How To Tell If Someone Has Muted You On Instagram