Google Play Music for Chrome is a Mobile Music Masterpiece

If you’re looking for a way to store large amounts of your music online, then Google Play Music for Chrome may just offer the solution you’re looking for.

Google Play Music for Chrome vs. Music Manager

I’ve long been a fan of the Google cloud storage system. It allows me to store securely my ever expanding music collection online without worrying that I’m going to run out of storage space on my own PC.

Google’s earlier software application, Music Manager, allowed you to upload your music to Google cloud, offering an excellent basic level software package if you wanted to transfer files straight across to the cloud from your main music folder.

However, anything beyond this feature can become a bit of a nightmare as Music Manager is really only designed to work from your main PC and does not easily transfer to your other multi-media devices.

Flexibility and Choice

If you’re anything like me and are looking for an application that can give you a greater amount of flexibility and freedom between your devices, then I’d advise downloading the Google play music for Chrome app.

This app has become my preferred option as it is incredibly easy to use. It works as a plugin to your main Chrome explorer page, and you can quickly add music using Google play music for Chrome by just dragging and dropping your music files into the browser itself.

You can also set up Google play to upload your music collection by going to the Labs section and enabling the add music function.

Once enabled, you’ll also activate Google play’ own little music player from which you can listen to your favorite tunes while exploring the web.

Free Storage

In addition to these features, setting up Google play music for Chrome allows you to store up to 20,000 songs online for free which should keep most music fans happy for a lifetime.

Also, if the free storage is not enough to tempt you to try Google play music, you may be interested to know that it allows you to stream your entire music collection to any browser, tablet or mobile device simply through downloading the app.

For me, the streaming service direct to my phone is an ideal choice as I don’t have to worry about choosing which songs I want to download before leaving the house.

Google play music allows me to stream whichever tracks I want without clogging up my phone with large amounts of data.

Constant Updates

To access all of these features, you just need to download Google play music Chrome extension from the web store, and you’re freed up from being tied to the restrictions of Music Manager.

Once installed, Google play will identify when you add any new songs to your music folders. This feature ensures that your music is updated as you go meaning you’re never left wondering why your new favorite tune has gone missing from your online music collection.