The 55 Best Unique Instagram Captions & Bios for Girls

Ever been stuck wondering what some of the best girly Instagram bios and captions are? We sure have been.

You know that feeling when you’ve got the perfect Instagram pic, but you just can’t think of something to write beside it?

You want something cute, but not too cute.

Something that catches people’s eye, but not enough to distract them from the photo.

So you go online prowling for the perfect words to go with the perfect image.

Which is where we come in. We’ve talked in the past about the best unique short Instagram bios to use to make your profile stand out. And now, we’re focusing on all of you ladies out there.

In this article, we set out to provide the best and most unique captions for any type of picture.

Cute Hair IG Captions - Why do they call it a good hair day?

Cute Hair IG Captions

There are some days when your hair is completely on point, and all you wanna do is share it with the rest of the world. But what to write about it?

  • “Love is in the hair”
  • “Why do they call it a good hair day? When your hair looks this great, isn’t everything good?”
  • “Messy bun, classy hun”
  • “Making more waves than my hair right now”
  • “Life’s not perfect. But with a great hairdo, it’s pretty close”
  • Money can’t buy happiness. But they can buy a hair appointment!”
  • “Expert at: hair flips & eye rolls”

Instagram Bios for Dresses - I don't dress to impress. I dress to kill

Good Instagram Bios for Dresses

Not sure what the best caption is to show off that dress? Well, look no further ’cause we’ve got you covered.

  • “Dress the part, they said. So I started dressing like a queen”
  • “I don’t dress to impress. I dress to kill”
  • “True confessions: I dress up to stare at myself in windows as I pass them by”
  • “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered” – Giorgio Armani
  • “Is there a better weapon than high heels and the right dress?”
  • “Little black dress to go with my little black heart”
  • “They say girls who wear red are desperate for attention. I’d care if I wasn’t too busy rocking this outfit”

Cute Girly Bios for Selfies - Once I learned to love who I am

Cute Girly Bios for Selfies

Sure, you look great in that selfie, but you don’t want to come across as self-obsessed. On the other hand, you don’t want to sound bland either, because that’ll deflect from the selfie.

  • “Chanel is nice. But nothing says ‘elegant’ like this smile”
  • “Once I learned to love who I am, your opinion of me became invalid”
  • “Sunlight is the best medicine”
  • “Maybe I didn’t wake up like this. But when I look this good, do you really care how I got here?”
  • “I don’t think I’ve ever looked right. But I’ve never tried to look like no one else either”
  • “Looks that can conquer the world”
  • “You’re looking at me, but maybe I’m right behind you, watching you”

Sweet Instagram Captions for Girls - I can be a lady

Sweet Instagram Captions for Girls (General)

Sometimes, you don’t have a selfie or a dress pic to show off. Sometimes it’s just a pic of the ice cream you’re eating or from your walk in the park. That doesn’t mean your caption can be lacking.

  • “Everyone’s talking about bikini bodies. I’m over here, trying to make hide n seek a little easier”
  • “Not waiting for someone to save me. I’m gonna save myself”
  • “Happy endings aren’t about Prince Charming, they’re about being your own princess”
  • “Happiness is easy. It’s you that’s making things difficult”
  • “Honey, I didn’t spend an hour doing my make-up just to have you ruin my day”
  • “I can be a lady. But I also can be a fire monster from the deepest pits of hell. Which one you get depends on how you treat me”
  • “I don’t need expensive clothes, great make-up, or exotic vacations to be happy. But they help.”

Cute Girly Captions for Holiday Pics - Romantic walks on the beach?

Cute Girly Captions for Holiday Pics

Because who doesn’t want to share that shot of the beautiful sunset over the Italian beach?

  • “Here comes the sun. Here goes the sun” – great for sunset pics!
  • “Golden tan: 99% loading”
  • “Sun of a beach! Who doesn’t love sunsets?”
  • “Romantic walks on the beach? Nah, too busy splashing around in the sea!”
  • “A bit like a sea otter: chubby but still cute as hell”
  • “Word of the day: wanderlust”
  • “This may not be Wonderland. And I may not be Alice. But it’s close enough”

Cute Summer Instagram Captions - Escape the city. Find yourself

Cute Summer Instagram Captions

Ah, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the seawater in your hair – but what to write on that fabulous Instagram pic?

  • “Escape the city. Find yourself”
  • “Good things come in waves. I wonder, if I never leave the beach, will good things keep on coming?”
  • “Sometimes, you gotta dive right in and see where the waves take you”
  • “No more Netflix & Chill. Time for Sunsets & Cuba Libre”
  • “The time is now. Tomorrow, the sun might not rise”
  • “Enjoy the view. You might not be here tomorrow”
  • “I don’t know if there’s a paradise, but if there is, then it looks like this”

Best Smile Captions for Girls - Smiles turn strangers into best friends

Best Smile Captions for Girls

They say laughter is the best medicine, but what’s the best quote to go with that great smile?

  • ” ‘I like your lipstick.’ Me: ‘Thanks, it’s a smile.'”
  • “I don’t smile to hide the pain, but because of it”
  • “Smiles turn strangers into best friends”
  • “Imperfect smile, perfect style”
  • “Because maybe you need a smile today and forgot to bring your own”
  • “Real smiles are seen in the eyes, not the lips”
  • “And then her smile became the sun of his world. And he prayed to the heavens nothing would bring her sorrow, for then his world might end”

Cute IG Love Captions - I fell in love with you at first sight

Cute IG Love Captions

Finally, we couldn’t end this article without giving you at least a few quotes to go along that adorable picture of you and your significant other.

  • “I fell in love with you at first sight. At second sight. At every sight”
  • “They say find someone who loves you despite your weird. But I found someone who loves me because of it”
  • “If I lost you, my heart would stop”
  • “I loved you until I no longer knew where I ended, and you began”
  • “When I’m with you, I forget the rest of the world”
  • “I would trade all the diamonds and tiaras in the world for just a minute with you”
  • “I spent so long looking for love, and one day, it just hit me all at once. Like a crazy sugar rush that never quite stopped”

Of course, there are many other ideas for writing the perfect caption. Maybe add a favorite song lyric or just write from the heart. What matters most is that the caption represents and is unique to you.

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