Getting a Free Netflix Account – Everything You Need to Know

In this article, we will discuss your options for getting a free Netflix account. As you probably know, Netflix is completely generated online, meaning that all you have to do is visit their official website and provide a password and username/email address. You can watch Netflix on almost any device which can connect to the Internet including most modern televisions.

We will provide you with a step-by-step guide for acquiring real free Netflix accounts. We will also tell you all of the dos and don’ts about getting a free account.

This article is not meant to be an advertisement for any particular method but rather informative in nature.

Websites Offering a Free Netflix Account and Password

There are some websites, mostly spammy, that provide Netflix username and passwords. We will talk about these shortly.

People search for free Netflix login and passwords or username password generators. This is one way that many people attempt to enjoy Netflix entertainment for free. Once you acquire this login information, you might be able to sign in depending on the reliability of the info.

If you Google this, you may find that some sites are claiming to provide free working Netflix accounts or real free Netflix accounts. I would say don’t spend your time on these.

[su_box title=”Free Netflix Accounts For 2016?” style=”noise”]I have gone through two of these websites, and tried all of the free Netflix username and passwords to see if there is one account that works. But none of the Netflix usernames or passwords worked. One of the websites even claimed the information was for 2016 Netflix accounts.[/su_box] Although some of the websites provide the accounts on the page, you may see a download link to access the free Netflix accounts. When you click on the link, you are taken to another website, where you will have to fill out a survey to access the Netflix account list.

I haven’t filled out any surveys, so I don’t know if the accounts do or don’t work, but from experience on the Internet, it is not difficult to guess that it will be another list of Netflix usernames and passwords that don’t work.

[su_box title=”A Risky Download” style=”noise”]Even worse, you might be requested to download a file, and you must be extra careful in this type of situation. It is possible that you might download some malicious file to your computer, and you will probably not have any better success getting into Netflix anyway. I personally don’t think it would be worth it even if you were able to get a free netflix account. [/su_box]

3 Methods to Get a Free Netflix Account

There are several legitimate and valid ways to accomplish this goal. We will go more into how to get a free Netflix account and other methods which you may use.

Method 1: Netflix Free Trial

When you first sign up with Netflix, they will provide you with a one-month free trial. This is made for new users to determine whether or not they would like a subscription to Netflix. In essence, we will teach you how to make a free Netflix account.

Step One: For Those Not Living In the US

If you are not living in one of the countries that have Netflix service, you will need a VPN. These VPN service providers function by unblocking any geographical restrictions. One reliable VPN provider is OverplayVPN; just use this service and go to Netflix through a web browser such as Google Chrome.

Step Two

Acquiring free trials/free working Netflix accounts is relatively easy to do. First, you will need to create a new email address. This can be done using several different free services including Hotmail and Gmail. Don’t forget your password and name as you will probably need to have access to the email account to get a free trial with Netflix.

Step Three

Each trial will require a fresh, new credit card. That just means that you can’t reuse the same card from a previous free trial with Netflix, as they will have your card on record. Remember that to get the free trial Netflix won’t need to charge your card, they just need the information.

Getting a new card can be pretty simple. You can easily get a virtual card online or deposit some cash and get a prepaid card from your grocery store or gas station. When you sign up for Netflix, you will enter this information.

Spend the money on the card however you want.

[su_box title=”Be Careful for Any Additional Fees” style=”noise”]Be careful when getting a new card and make sure you read the fine print. Many cards will charge you a variety of fees.[/su_box]

Debit cards are another possibility aside from credit cards. Debit cards are a safer choice than gift cards or prepaid cards, and Netflix often rejects the average gift cards. If you use a major debit card like Master or Visa, it should be a safe bet.

[su_box title=”Fake Credit Card Generators” style=”noise”]We don’t recommend fake or bogus credit cards, but you can go to places like this one. Keep in mind that these credit card generators only work about half the time, however.[/su_box]

Step Four

At this point, you are ready to sign up for your free trial. This is a pretty simple process which Netflix will walk you through after you go to the official website and click on the Start Your Free Month.

After this, you will be able to enjoy your free month of Netflix entertainment.

Step Five

If you don’t want to pay for the service, you will have to cancel the account before the end of the month comes. To do this go to your Netflix account, then go to your name, Your Account, and finally, click on Cancel Streaming Plan and/or Cancel DVD Plan depending on what applies to you. Netflix will walk you through this process.

If you would like to go for another month, you will just have to repeat the same steps.

As long as you get a new email and credit card, each time you should be set to go as long as they aren’t already in the Netflix system. You can also make a PayPal account and then connect your card to it. This will allow you to get a free Netflix account for the second month with the same card because you will be using your PayPal info.

[su_highlight]Bare in mind that PayPal may shut the account down if it has false information on it.[/su_highlight]

By this point you should know everything you need to have valid account info which will get you a free trial.

It should be said, however, that according to Netflix terms of service this isn’t necessarily acceptable. If you have had the free trial and knew that you enjoy their service, you should consider paying for the subscription. Their premium subscription offers a lot of great perks, which I enjoy on my Netflix account.

You may find it is worth having your own membership.

Method 2 – Netflix Account Sharing

You probably already know that Netflix is a pretty popular and widely used service where it is available. This makes it pretty easy to find either a friend of family member who is willing to share their information so that you can enjoy online streaming. Netflix account sharing is also one of the easier ways to get free access to Netflix content.

Sharing an account password outside your household isn’t a violation of Netflix’s terms of service, which is another reason that this is a pretty good option. Still, the account owner and you should both educate yourselves about the terms of service and limitations.

Some laws, for example, make this sort of activity illegal. The owner of the account will also be responsible for any and all activity on said account.

Method 3 – Get a Job at Netflix

Another safe and legitimate way to get free access to Netflix is by getting a job there. This isn’t a good enough reason for most people to switch their careers, but if you love Netflix, and you are looking for a job, then it could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Although Netflix doesn’t always have job openings, sometimes they have a really fun position known as a part-time tagger. This position only requires that you spend your day watching Netflix shows. After you have watched a given TV show, documentary, or movie, you will come up with the description and decide what genre it is.

This is a practical way to enjoy free Netflix movies online.

[su_box title=”Get Paid To Watch Netflix All Day” style=”noise”]This is the dream job for many people, especially film buffs. Just follow them on Twitter @ NetflixJobs or bookmark[/su_box]

Conclusion on Getting a Free NetFlix Account

There are a lot of different possibilities for those who are looking for some free access to Netflix, and we hope this article will help. Which option you choose depends mostly on the effort you want to expend and the resources available to you (like willing friends who can share their passwords, for example.) Ultimately, however, there are a variety of choices open to you so you don’t have to be left out of the Netflix loop, and you can watch Netflix for free.